Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)

Everyone knows that air quality is a decisive factor when it comes to comfort at home and in the office. Modern building regulations make cutting energy costs a major priority.

What is DCV?

Demand controlled ventilation (DCV) is an automatic adjustment of ventilation equipment according to occupant choice. DCV is a control method that modulates the volume exchange of fresh or outside air into an enclosed space by mechanical air conditioning equipment.

There is a significant energy saving potential in rigorous outdoor air control.

How does the system work?

A central extract fan is located typically in an attic or storage area. This fan runs quietly 24/7. A controller in the fan maintains a constant air pressure in the system, increasing or decreasing the fan speed as required. Humidity sensitive extracts located in wet rooms open and close depending on room humidity. If a particular room has high humidity, the extract opens.

When the extract opens, this causes a pressure drop in the system. The fan automatically increases speed to return to the target pressure.  The more extracts open, the higher the extract rate is.

Other models of extractor can be triggered by occupancy, carbon dioxide or other air contaminants.

Coupled with the boosted fan speed, this combination means that stale air is extracted only from areas where air quality is below the required standard.

The system ventilation rate is always matched to the actual demand, reducing energy consumption by fans and reducing overventilation and heat energy consumption.

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