All homes which have insulation works carried out need to have proper ventilation installed. This includes wall ventilation, mechanical extract ventilation and roof ventilation. After property alterations or home improvements, which reduces ventilation, if a room is not properly ventilated there can be a danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

If the cavity walls are to be pumped then any habitable room will need a wall vent installed in the property to satisfy building regulations. Any wet room (i.e. bathroom, kitchen, utility) will also need a mechanical extract vent installed.

If the attic is to be insulated, roof vents and/or soffit vents may need to be installed in the property to satisfy building regulations.

If a room has a fuel burning appliance present this room will need a permanent open wall vent to be installed. Where a portable fuel burning appliance is present within a dwelling, the area in which the appliance is located needs to comply with permanent ventilation requirements and should not be operated in a room without permanent ventilation.

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