Pipe Insulation, Lagging & Draught Proofing

When an attic space is highly insulated it is vital that a number of other items are carefully addressed;

    1. Insulating Pipes
    2. Insulate the Cold Water Tank & Header Tank
    3. Insulate and Draught Proof the Attic Hatch Door


Prevent the Pipes in you Attic from Freezing


At Breffni Insulation as standard we supply a Pipe Insulation that is twice the thickness of the pipe insulation currently available on the market. Our product offers a durable, economical solution to reduce heat loss from pipes and prevent pipes from freezing during winter months.
Depending on the requirements of our clients we offer Pipe Insulation with a 19mm or 25mm wall. Pipe Insulation should be installed in any attic space that is insulated with high levels of insulation. Our team will ensure that the correct thickness of insulation is installed and all joints are fully sealed and taped. This will guarantee that the pipe insulation is preforming to its optimum throughout the year.


Cold Water Tank Jacket


As standard Breffni Insulation will insulate their clients Cold Water Tanks and Header tanks with an approved Lagging Jacket with a minimum 80mm nominal thikcness glass fibre infill.
Each lagging jacket has a 100 micron flame retardant material covering the insulation material and heavy duty fixings with a tensile strength not less than 40N.
Hot Water Tank Lagging Jackets are also available.


Draught Proofing


The air flow through the attic space can cause the attic hatch to lift slightly causing a cold draught in the hall below. Breffni Insulation will insulate the attic hatch door with a rigid high density Insulation material, apply draught proofing strips and use Hook and Eye connectors to prevent the attic door from lifting, keeping it securely closed.

To prevent a cold spot at the access point to the attic, the attic hatch door will be insulated to the same thermal level as the rest of the attic.

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